Welcome to the 7th edition of the SIOR ADVISIOR ! This is to bring our members, sponsors and industry professionals, the most up to date news and information from the Canada Central Chapter. We look forward to hearing your feedback and improving the ADVISIOR for our members.

President’s Corner

I would like to say thank you to our Board of Directors and the Advisory Board for their continued hard work, and to all our sponsors for their generous support.

Our strength is not found just in the individual, but in our combined efforts. And the power of our combined efforts has no limitations. I will be counting on your support so that we can achieve all of our goals for the remainder of my term and pass on the torch.

It is our common goal to create a stronger SIOR Central Canada Chapter, to better meet all expectations, to focus on membership retention and engagement, to carry on increasing our membership count, and to provide exceptional value for our members and sponsors.

In December we celebrated & recognized excellence in our industry at the Annual Broker of the Year Awards. In 2019 so far you have seen our excellent programming kick off with the Annual Ski Day. Last year we also held our first Habitat for Humanity build which was a great success and we are planning to hold more events supporting our community every year.

In addition to events, our board is currently developing a program to attract more young professionals to SIOR with the new Member Associate category launched by SIOR Global.

I would like to thank you once again for the opportunity to serve you. I will do my utmost to represent you to the best of my ability and l look forward to collaborating closely with all of you in the future.

Thank you,
Goran Brelih
President, 2018-2019
SIOR Canada Central Chapter


Q&A with last year’s Broker of the Year Award Winners


Colin Alves
Colliers International
2018 Industrial Broker of the Year

Tell us how you felt when you won the award?

I was quite surprised since the competition was extremely strong and highly qualified. Also, having won the award in 2013 part of me thought it couldn’t be ‘my turn’, but I was happy to see politics didn’t come into play and the selection process ensures a fair outcome based on the requirements to win the award.

What does this recognition mean for you?

It has helped toreinforce my team’s reputation within the industry as a trusted advisor and market leader.  It also reinforces my team’s business plan.  I couldn’t achieve this success without the help of others around me and the tools Colliers has provided.

In your opinion, what are the biggest opportunities and challenges that CRE industry will  likely face in the future? 

Personally, its just really nice to be recognized by the CRE community and my peers for the hard work my team and I put in year after year. It’s also a tribute to the values and work ethic my parents instilled in me and the incredible support I get from my wife and 3 (soon to be 4) kids.

What impact has winning this award had on you and your business?  

It believe it provides additional credibility and helps validate my service offering when I can say I won the award for the following reasons and the decision was in the hands of our industry professionals, who in some cases are my competition.

What do you find most exciting and interesting working in CRE?

I often have to remind myself when I’m caught up in the daily grind how incredibly lucky we are to have this opportunity. To be able to meet fascinating people every day, to learn about so many different industries and to afford ourselves the independence to have a great work-life balance I think is really unique.







Michael Scace
Cushman & Wakfield
2018 Office Broker of the Year

Tell us how you felt when you won the award?

My initial reaction was surprise, considering who some of the other candidates are I didn’t think this was going to be my year to win.  To be honest, I’m not a person who necessarily savors ‘the spotlight’ so for me while I was very excited/honored to have received it,  I was a little uncomfortable.

What does this recognition mean for you?

It certainly meant a lot to me to have won the award.  I think if people were honest with themselves, everyone wants to feel that they have done something that deserves recognition during their career.  For me, getting this award will be a a moment that I can look back on and feel proud about.

What impact has winning this award had on you and your business?   

I don’t think that winning the SIOR Award made a significant impact on my immediate day-to-day but I don’t awards like this typically do.  To be successful in this business it isn’t a sprint (where the impact of awards translate immediately into your business) it is a long distance run and winning awards like this help legitimize your efforts and help build confidence in existing and future clients where you will feel the impact ‘further down the road’.

What do you find most exciting and interesting working in CRE?

Without question, the people I work with and deal with make it fun, exciting and interesting work.  Our business is filled with people (characters) from across the spectrum which provides an opportunity to learn, be challenged and to laugh everyday…there can’t possibly be another industry like it.

In your opinion, what are the biggest opportunities and challenges that CRE industry in our region will likely face in the future?

The biggest opportunity in our business will be on the information side.  Commercial real estate has yet to full adopt idea that we really don’t sell real estate, we sell information coupled with expertise and real estate happens to be product that that information and expertise is wrapped around.  With technology changing so many industries, CRE has still been relatively untouched & with the changing information needs of buyers and users of commercial real estate …there is a massive opportunity to cater to those changing needs.   In terms of challenges, it is difficult to predict what the impact of the changing needs of office, retail and industrial users is going to bring.  As tech companies start to lead the charge on an economics basis and change the landscape within their own industries, real estate will need to be able to accommodate those changing landscapes (and from my experience the way new tech looks at their ‘needs and wants’ are very different than traditional industry leaders).  While I believe we are in a very exciting time in our history, as tech begins to become the leaders in global industry, fully understanding and predicting how that will change the real estate landscape both from a user and ownership basis, will be a challenge. 

What advice do you give to young professionals in CRE?

Young professional always ask the same question, “how can I be successful”. The answer is , there is no secret sauce.  When people ask the question, “what is the key to success” I think they are looking for some complicated answer or combination of answers that just doesn’t exist.  Since my inception into the CRE industry there is only one consistent trait that I’ve seen in people I would consider successful – they all out worked everyone around them at some point in their career…and in some cases are still out working them.  That hard work was coupled with commitment and focus. That is it.  But ultimately the difference maker for these young CRE professional boils down to what they consider hard-work (since they often feel that they are hard workers) The people I know who were successful are committed, are the first in and last out of the office, they miss social functions to be at work, they miss vacations, they chose finishing off work tasks over drinks with friends….ultimately hard work and sacrifice are the same thing…and typically people aren’t willing to make the sacrifice in order to be successful.





Matthew Pieszchala
2018 Joint-Young Professional of the Year

Tell us how you felt when you won the award?

It was an overwhelming sense of gratitude. I continue to think back about how special that moment was, it was truly something I will never forget. 

What does this recognition mean for you?

It helped me realize that all the hard work that was put in when no one was looking hadn’t gone unnoticed. It also helped me realize that this job isn’t all about the money. The charity, leadership & mentorship that I took part in, were key factors in my selection.

What impact has winning this award had on you and your business?  

It has helped widen my network with people I may not have gotten in contact with, most specifically across different asset classes.

What do you find most exciting and interesting working in CRE?

The fact that every day is different, and because of that, there are always new opportunities to grow as a professional and more importantly a person.

In your opinion, what are the biggest opportunities and challenges that CRE industry in our region will likely face in the future?

Technology, there is no doubt it has & will continue to be a major disrupter for all asset classes.

What advice do you give to young professionals in CRE?

Don’t ever let the highs get you too high or the lows get you too low, focus on doing the little things right daily & always look to grow as a person.






Brett Armstrong
Avison & Young
2018 Young Professional of the Year

Tell us how you felt when you won the award?

I was pleasantly surprised and thrilled. Everyone nominated was worthy of winning the award and had an impressive resume of recent successes. I was just happy to be nominated.

What does this recognition mean for you?

Personally, it’s a great recognition for myself. SIOR is such a well knows and respected organization in the CRE industry so being recognized by them and my industry peers is something that I’m very proud of. It also elevates my brand and enables me to win more business.

What impact has winning this award had on you and your business?  

I feel it elevates my reputation in the industry among my competitors. As such, I’m able to prospect new business with greater confidence.

What do you find most exciting and interesting working in CRE?

There’s no other industry like it. You get out as much as you put in and the ceiling is limitless. It’s also a lot of fun too.

In your opinion, what are the biggest opportunities and challenges that CRE industry in our region will likely face in the future?

Biggest opportunity is a changing market. Working as a tenant rep broker in a market with currently less than 2% vacancy is very challenging. As supply begins to come online and vacancy begins to normalize it will create more opportunities for clients I work with to find space. The biggest challenge is the amount of very smart and innovative competitors joining the industry. More and more people getting into the brokerage business are coming up with creative and innovative ways to use technology to win business, so it’s very important we all continue to elevate ourselves and never get comfortable.

What advice do you give to young professionals in CRE?

Keep your head down and stay motivated. There will be times when you may feel this isn’t for you and you can’t seem to get over the hump but as long as you put in continued effort, the results will start to show. Also focus on being yourself and genuine to your clients, colleagues and competitors. Don’t try to be someone you’re not.


Our Newest Annual Sponsors


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Our portfolio spans across a diverse body of work, including warehouse & industrial, education, office, mission critical, retail and restaurant, aviation and transportation, hi-rise residential and multi-unit residential renovations.

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Ski Day Update

The 2019 SIOR CCC Ski Day welcomed over 130 top industry professionals for two days of event activities at the beautiful Blue Mountain. The event kicked off with a successful networking social hosted at Northwinds Brewery on Thursday, January 24th, with a cozy atmosphere and unique experience at the Village, who create and brew their own beer onsite accompanied with delicious canapes.

The networking social on Thursday was followed by an enjoyable day outdoors at the exclusive Craigleith Ski Club. Attendees not only enjoyed the hills and snow but were also able to stay warm inside and network with industry leaders during the Après Ski.

We would like to extend a huge thank to our Event Sponsors, Colliers International, Avison Young, Leeswood, GWL Realty Advisors and Traugott Building Contractors for their continued support and contribution.

2018 Broker of the Year Awards

SIOR Canada Central Chapter (SIOR CCC) hosted the 2018 Broker of the Year Awards on Tuesday, December 4, 2018 at King Edward Hotel in Toronto. The annual event honoring top brokers, was again a sellout, with over 200 real commercial real estate leaders from the Greater Toronto area and Southern Ontario. The event marked the 12th Annual SIOR Broker of the Year Awards – created to recognize brokers that exhibit extraordinary impact, creativity, skill and reputation in the commercial real estate industry. The event was highlighted three award categories; Industrial Broker of the Year, Office Broker of the Year and Young Professional of the Year. This year SIOR President Robert Thornburgh was also present on the invitation of SIOR CCC President Goran Brelih. The award winners this year are:


2018 Office Broker of the Year: Michael Scace, Cushman & Wakefield

2018 Industrial Broker of the Year: Colin Alves, Colliers International

2018 Young Professional of the Year: Joint Winners

Brett Armstrong, Avison Young

Matthew Pieszchala, CBRE