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Help SIOR CCC save lives: Join Our Blood Donation Team


Did you know that half of all Canadians will either need blood or know someone who will need blood at some point in their lives? Despite this fact, less than 4% of eligible Canadians donate blood in their lifetime.

With World Blood Donation Day approaching on June 14th, we are proud to announce that SIOR CCC is partnering with Canadian Blood Services to bring awareness to the need for blood donations. We urge all our eligible SIOR CCC members and the wider CRE community to participate and help us make a difference.

Before you join the team, check your eligibility. You can refer to the eligibility criteria here and here.

We also recommend that you complete this two minute eligibility quiz here.

Here is how you join the SIOR CCC team:


Once you have determined your eligibility, feel free to join our team!

Step 1: Visit the Canadian Blood Services Website


Visit this link to create an account: 












You will need your name, email address, and home address. You will also need to create a password.


Step 2: Verify your email 

Now that you have created your account, you will need to verify your email in order to gain access to your online profile.

















Step 3: Join the SIOR CCC team


Now that you have access to your account, join the SIOR team by selecting “partners” in the menu.










Select “partners” from the menu (right-hand side)

Select “Go” under “join an existing team” and search Your team name (SIOR) – a drop-down list will appear. 

Type in “SIOR0103030” and SIOR should appear

Select SIOR0103030 

Click join, and voila! Welcome to the SIOR blood donation team!

Book your next appointment either through your team bookings (visible under your team) or as an individual.


Step 4: Download the App


Additionally, you can download the Canadian Blood Services App to keep track of the team.

Here is a  Youtube Video with a tutorial on how to join on the app: 



I've booked my appointment, what's next?


Here are some tips to ensure a smooth donation process.







Share with us!


We would love to see your contribution to the SIOR donor team.

Take pictures of yourself at the clinic and share them with us! Share them on your socials and tag us on instagram (@siorccc)  Facebook(@siorccc),  Twitter (@sior_ccc), and Linkedin (SIOR Canada Central Chapter). Use the hashtag #SIORCCCBLOODDRIVE2022.


We can't wait to see to see your photos! Alternatively, you can email to post on your behalf and be featured on our social media pages.

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